Maere Mahfil

Dr. S. Mashhood Abbas

                      Maere  Kahani



                           The  purpose  of  life  is  a  life  of  purpose !


                          The me.  


                    Born in Northamatonshire, England, I shifted to Kashmir, my paternal home, at an early age with my parents and the only memories I have of England is through the photographs. Kashmir is a beautiful valley in the mountains of the Himalayas. The weather is cold but in summers its quite warm. Kashmir is green with lovely landscapes and beautiful lakes. Its known to the world as “paradise on earth”. We,the Kashmiris, are people of culture and hospitality and feel proud of our rich heritage. A poet has said,


                                “ Zrra zrra marae Kashmir ka hae Mehman-nawaz,

                                 Raah chalate, pathar ke tukdoon ne diya Pani mujhe”

                                 “Every nook and corner of my Kashmir is Hospitable,

                                   Even the rocks around the paths, offered me water”.


     I had my schooling from Burn Hall School, Srinagar, which is one of the best schools in the valley. Was good at studies and also a good sportsman. Throughout school I had distinction grades in class. History was my favorite subject. I played football and table tennis at school and won many prizes. I was also a good athlete too. The gold medal I won in the 200 meter dash is a moment I will remember for life. I got to a great start and finished the race in record time. The other runners were not even in sight when I crossed the finishing line. Wow me! 

I believe the Primary School is the place were you enter like wet mud and it’s the hands of those teachers that shape you up. And all along, no matter how much the vessel gets painted and how many ornament are glued to it. It’s the initial molding that gives the pot its shape. Its those principles you learn at school that you carry with you through life........................... With pain does the sun bid farewell to the sky and to the clouds the rain says goodbye. And with these words from the Principal our batch left school.

                    After school, I went to Aligarh for further education. I did my M.B.B.S and Postgradation in Pediatrics from there. Aligarh

Muslim University is one of the best and oldest universities of India and has been a centre of learning for almost a century. Students come from all over the country and one learns about different cultures. I had learnt in school that for every villain there is a Hero, but I came to know in Aligarh that for every Hero there are many, many Villains. 

       In the Medical College, as it is with a medico, life was all studies and no play. There was never time for vacations and never liberty for extracurricular  activities. Although, I did have my share of laughter and fun, overall it was a dull life. And I often thought, how many fun things I miss coz of the hectic schedules. Though studies took their toll, I tried to keep my love for sports alive by taking some time out regularly for games. Table tennis was my favorite and I am a champion in it. I also had this aptitude for acting and acted in several plays, developed a taste for debates in Aligarh and slowly evolved into one of the best speakers of the College and won many prizes.

     Now, I am a Pediatrician and have worked in one of the best hospitals in India. My aim is to contribute in the field of pediatrics. It pains me to see the pathetic condition of the hospitals in my hometown. I don’t understand why we don’t improve our health sector although we all know “Health is the real wealth”.

                        I also want to be a Reformer. I often ask myself, why we waste so much time on things that can be done quickly and easily? Why we leave the most important things  and focus only on short term growth? Why we let the most self-interest driven people to lead us? Why we let the media spread mischief? Why don’t we stand up for change when we know that our life is governed by our environment? Why are we so indifferent to our present and our future? 

                       I want to build a better system for the  people and a great future for the children of the world!