Maere Mahfil

Dr. S. Mashhood Abbas

       A Campaign


                 This page is dedicated to all those who have been victims of Injustice, Bias,                                                                          Regionalism, Communalism and Oppression.



  There are many people in this world who have been or are becoming victims of oppression and injustice. Some are facing difficulties due to corrupt officials while others are suffering due to irresponsible attitudes of authorities. I myself had to face such a situation when I was doing my post graduation at JNMCH, Aligarh. They harassed me. 

       I know we can’t do much about these people but spreading awareness may inspire some good men to stand up for the right and built a better society. I want to dedicate this page to posting such stories. I would highly appreciate if friends and members could help me in this campaign.



                    Together, Lets build a better world !