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Wisdom from ancient Babylon

Posted on July 20, 2013 at 2:50 PM

 Wisdom from Ancient Babylon


Hi everyone!  Hope its going great for all of you. Its been long since I shared something, have been quite busy toiling in the summer sun of Delhi, but doing the thing I have always liked to do, that is to work in a state of the art hospital as a dedicated Doctor. Well, its true that doing the same thing day in and day out, takes away much of your enthusiasm and passion but one must carry on doing good work and keep boasting oneself up.

                 Recently, I had the fortune of laying my hands on a book of parables from ancient Babylon. In it I read this inspiring tale of a man who after being doomed to become a slave went on to become the prince merchant of Babylon with his dedication and hard work. Before, I begin his story let me tell you something about Babylon.

                Babylon, the richest city of the ancient world existed at the banks of river Euphrates, around 80 kms of Bagdad, the capital of Iraq, 5000 years ago. Famous for its hanging gardens, gigantic city walls, great canals and beautiful temples, its amazing how man’s effort could turn a flat arid valley with no forests, mines or even stone for building into a land of plenty. Babylonians were educated and enlightened people. Most historians regard them as the first mathematicians, the first engineers, the first astronomers, the first financiers and the first people to have a written language. Many of their wonderful stories and words of wisdom have reached us through the deciphering of their writing on clay tablets recovered from the archeological ruins. Though the eons of time have crumbled to dust the proud walls of its temples, the wisdom of Babylon endures……..

                    Will be uploading the story pretty soon.....


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