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What life is all about....!

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 What  is  life  all  about.....!

                                                   A little pain, a little pleasure,

                                                  A little heaping up of treasure,

                                             Then no more gazing upon the sun,

                                            All things must end that have begun.                 ---- John Payne

                                        Have you ever thought what life is about....? Life, no one has yet been able to properly define what life is. May be it is true, things that matter most to man are the most difficult to explain.

                                        One definition of life makes it a period between birth and death of an organism. And yes, life is about a beginning and an end. Something we all know but often forget.

                                         The other definition of life says that a thing that grows and shows signs of movement is alive. If one is active he is alive and if dormant as if dead. All living things are engaged in activities. Humans are intelligent beings and by their efforts have made this earth suitable for living a civilized and comfortable life. Had it not been for it, we would have been wondering around like animals in the jungle. Thus life is about performing the right kind of activities….!

                                            Apart from people who are saints and wanderers, who reduce their needs and withdraw from the world, the common man has to be engaged in doing things that benefit him and in turn benefit other fellow human beings. One has to choose an activity, an occupation and develop his skills. To choose an engagement one must find the right guidance and inculcate good principles. Every profession requires dedication and discipline. And doing good work is part of living a good life. It doesn't matter what work you choose what matters is how well you do what you choose, like they say even if you are a sweeper, sweep so well that people say here lives the greatest sweeper in the world. “Work well done, does good to the man who does it, it makes him a better man”. Life is about excelling in ones profession…!  

                                              Being proficient in ones profession is important, but there are many such good professionals. Shouldn’t there be something that makes you stand apart, lets you imprint your footsteps on the sands of time. Yes, there should, and this desire to do something that has never been done before can be called your dream. One has to have a dream in life, a dream to do something greater, to leave his name behind as an innovator, a discoverer, an inventor or just a dreamer. But life is about having a dream…..!

                                             All along life, being good at work and moving towards your goals, you need someone to share your joys and sorrows. Here is a man who is good at what he does, he is living his dream, but he has neglected his relationships. He has not taken time to be there for people, to appreciate or uplift them and the result is that when he looks back he finds himself lonely. In life one should always try to have a good social standing. Every relation requires respect, understanding and a sense of bonding together. This requires time and effort but it is a good investment for it pays well. Life is about having a great family and good friends….!

                                            There are people who have all these beautiful things in life but still are not happy. What could be the cause of this? Well, heart has its reasons that reason knows not of. What makes you happy is a question that one has to answer by himself. No one can bring you peace but yourself. But being happy is important. They say, “ the most wise is the man who is the most happy”. You have to find out what makes you smile and try to do those things. Do things that uplift, elevate and give you satisfaction. You are responsible for your happiness and you can create it. Life is about being happy…!

                                             In the end, I would say life is about choosing a role, playing it well on the stage of life and doing things that make you happy. Be yourself, be happy but never forget that it is your activity and your contribution that makes you have successful life.

                                             Here is to life, living as it needs to be lived.

Wisdom from ancient Babylon

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 Wisdom from Ancient Babylon


Hi everyone!  Hope its going great for all of you. Its been long since I shared something, have been quite busy toiling in the summer sun of Delhi, but doing the thing I have always liked to do, that is to work in a state of the art hospital as a dedicated Doctor. Well, its true that doing the same thing day in and day out, takes away much of your enthusiasm and passion but one must carry on doing good work and keep boasting oneself up.

                 Recently, I had the fortune of laying my hands on a book of parables from ancient Babylon. In it I read this inspiring tale of a man who after being doomed to become a slave went on to become the prince merchant of Babylon with his dedication and hard work. Before, I begin his story let me tell you something about Babylon.

                Babylon, the richest city of the ancient world existed at the banks of river Euphrates, around 80 kms of Bagdad, the capital of Iraq, 5000 years ago. Famous for its hanging gardens, gigantic city walls, great canals and beautiful temples, its amazing how man’s effort could turn a flat arid valley with no forests, mines or even stone for building into a land of plenty. Babylonians were educated and enlightened people. Most historians regard them as the first mathematicians, the first engineers, the first astronomers, the first financiers and the first people to have a written language. Many of their wonderful stories and words of wisdom have reached us through the deciphering of their writing on clay tablets recovered from the archeological ruins. Though the eons of time have crumbled to dust the proud walls of its temples, the wisdom of Babylon endures……..

                    Will be uploading the story pretty soon.....